Let’s start the conversation by talking about design methodology

The experts “#google” talk about the 6 second rule, the time you have to capture your user. Therefore, we have to agree that simplicity must be the order of the day, the busier the site the less time you have.  Now combine that with having to be clear on what product and or service you offer while still delivering instant gratification.  Let’s face it, we all suffer from the requirement of instant gratification.  Think of the last time you did a web search, if it was a product, you open a site, click a few times and if your product didn’t come up you were instantly onto the next site.  If it was a service and after a few clicks you couldn’t see the price, you were instantly onto the next site.  So, in practice you kept on clicking through several sites until you find what you were looking for with the least effort.  Now combine that with a professional appearance, a handle on security, a SEO ranking engine (no one is looking on page 50), while delivering a user-friendly interface on any devices to your targeted audience.  It’s a fact that a good WEB site can be a great business tool while being a super cost-effective marketing tool.  Yet, if your site doesn’t combine all the elements in a simplistic elegant fusion, you will be on page 50.  Have you ever gone to page 50 of any search engine?  It’s cheap enough for you not to be cheap.  Be serious about your business, get it right by getting us to do it for you.